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Part 1 Digitizing? Know enough to get your logo looking awesome

Posted by John Erbert on

Today we are going to talk all things digitizing;

What is digitizing, and what does digitizing have to do with embroidery?

Digitizing is the process of taking a logo (or any picture) and changing the form so that the embroidery machine knows how to stitch accordingly.

The process is done by a real live person. On a computer they will tell the machine how to sew, what type of stitches will be needed at certain points, what colors to use, and when to do a color change.

This laborious and manual process will manipulate your logo so that it can be sewn into hats, shirts, bags, or anything else you want it to be on.

A logo is only as good as the the digitizing is. A bad digitized file is going to produce a bad logo, so having a good digitizer is very important during the embroidery process.

Since a human being is doing the digitizing, it is a process that requires some creativity. Sometimes it can take a few different attempts to produce a quality replica of the logo, a trial and error process per se. When a logo is embroidered it is not an exact copy but more of an interpretation since the thread cannot produce as fine of details as screen printing or drawing. Think of it like drawing with a sharpie.

As embroiderers, our job is to maintain the integrity of our customer’s logo. When buying items from us, we will digitize your logo in a way that is consistent with your brand and the way you want to share it with the world in the form of thread.

So how can you tell good digitizing versus bad digitizing?  Take a look at Part 2

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